There and Up Again

Why Molecular Biology?

I’ve always enjoyed searching for Biology. At kindergarten, I’ve had watched the 1st Jurassic Park movie being released in 1993, and that opened my youthful eyes to a completely different world. I couldn’t even read properly at that age, but it made me want to learn a lot more about Dinosaurs. How was it possible for such massive creatures to have existed and lived at the “same” earth as we live? As I couldn’t read very well at that time, I’ve put my grandfather to read to me articles from encyclopedias.

Then, after two years, I had started collecting a journal for Dinosaurs published for kids(marketing at it’s best :P). Because I couldn’t understand all the words written there, I was always “disturbing” my parents/grandparents with various questions. Some of these questions weren’t easy to answer, as they didn’t have the appropriate knowledge in the field. That made me wanted to search more about the “correct” answers, obtain more knowledge through reading, and “uncover” the hidden information of how organisms exist.

Years passed, and I was still searching and learning about animals either through reading or watching documentaries, but what caught my attention was evolution and how dinosaurs were the ancestors of today’s reptiles. 

In my early teens, I was already sure about the path that I would like to follow; I wanted to study Biology and learn as much as possible about what we are made of.

Eventually, as I understood more and more on how everything links together, although made of particles, I wanted to study the molecular part of life and how “simple” molecules combined can create a fully functional living organism. 

So, Molecular Biology, at that time, was the only answer.
Fortunately, there was a department focused on this subject when I finished high school, and so I was able to follow the first part of my goal.