As a collective effort to find the best way to talk about our research with our peers, last December we organised a series of live talks to try and answer the question: What did animal ancestors look like? In keeping with the wretched zeitgeist of 2020, we did this over Zoom. And, in keeping with the slightly less wretched zeitgeist of the 21st century, it’s all on YouTube now.

The Live from the Lab series consists of five-hour long episode consisting of EvoCell fellows’ research presentations followed by Q&A sessions. You can click through the playlist below and choose the talks that interest you the most from the video annotations. Topics include fossils, larvae, brains, germs (not the ones you think), and digital science (more info in this post) There are six whole hours of video material in there, so we’d advise that you don’t miss our guest speakers, Graham Budd and Jason Dunlop, in the first episode, and the Q&A sessions in the second half of every episode.


We hope you enjoy our talks, and that you learn at least one new thing from them about animal life – no matter how small. Thank you for tuning in!