Hi all,

I’m back to talk about something I tried out recently: explaining my thesis in under 3 minutes…

I somehow decided it would be a good idea to partecipate to this event after receiving an enticing email from my university.

I thought “it will take me only 3 minutes!”

Too bad that I was never very good at learning anything by heart… So about a million attempts later (each about 3 minutes long) I realised this was a greater task than I expected.

I was fairly confident I could say everything under 3 minutes…but would I remember what to say?

The answer to that is UMMMMMMMMM……NO!

I ended up losing track of what I had to say and mutter something incoherent about how larvae evolved multiple times, right in the middle of my speech.

For this reason I’m now going to share a re-take of the original video. I know right…CHEATING!!!

And for those of you brave enough to listen to my ramblings for three minutes you’ll get a sneak peak of little – oh not so little anymore – Pesto.


PS: if you want to see what this challenge can look like you can find more successful examples over here https://threeminutethesis.uq.edu.au/