Hello everyone,

A lot of exciting things happened this past summer. To start off, we were all sent off to Ville-Franche-Sur-Mer to learn about computers, how to turn them on and how to analyse single cell sequencing results.

We had some great teachers, nice food, good wine and a few midnight swims. I personally never joined the latter. My Italian blood prevents me from swimming after having large amounts of food.

To celebrate this lovely summer get together I made a sketch. (Here on the right). It illustrates how incredibly patient Cat, Jake and Francesco were to tolerate us and our personal weirdnesses.

I then had a brief glimpse of British summer (I swear to you, great place to be in this time and age) before flying off to Germany for my first EvoCell secondment.

All rights for the picture concept go to J-Bear

What initially were planned as three weeks of fun experiments quickly turned into five. I guess deep downI quite like Heidelberg, beer, and pretzel. No jokes here. LOVE pretzels.

Tiger-P, the queen of cell dissociation

For the summer the lovely Arendt lab turned into my home. As a consequence it was altogether invaded by multiple questions, oyster gametes and all of my fears and doubts. The picture on the left shows my state of mind right before cell capture.

I can’t possible thank enough all of the amazing people that helped me and put up with me, so down below you will find some sketches of them. It seems that most of them were turned into animals (or Yoda) to protect their privacy.

J-Bear, bringing optimism to dark experiments

Luca-San, the enlightened, HCR guru