EvoCell podcast #2: Jellyfish talk with Cat Munro

by Milena Marinkovic, Siri Kellner, Cat Munro

The 2nd episode of the EvoCell podcast is brought to you from the Oceanographic Observatory in Villefranche-Sur-Mer, where we chatted with Catriona Munro mostly about jellyfish, R, and surviving a PhD.

This is Cat. She’s cool.

Cat got her PhD from Brown University, working on the evolution and development of siphonophores, before moving to Villefranche to start a postdoc focusing on oogenesis and meiosis in Clytia hemisphaerica.

To find out more about the many cool things she is doing or has done, check out her Twitter and website.

This is Clytia, Cat’s new jellyfish model.

More magnificent jellyfish: the siphonophore Nanomia sp.

Another siphonophore – Physalia physalis, Portuguese man o’ war

Clytia image courtesy of Marion Lechable and Alexandre Jan; Nanomia and Physalis photos by Cat Munro