After its official implementation in January 2018 EvoCELL was kick-started with a meeting of almost all partners on the beautiful island of Procida in late February. Those who expected springtime temperatures in the gulf of Naples were taught a different lesson. Snowfall in southern Europe blocked several airports and some partners were arriving late or were even forced to stay at home due to averse weather conditions and cancelled flight connections. Those who participated witnessed the heaviest snowfall on Procida since the mid 1950s and enjoyed photographing lemon and mandarin trees with a white and icy cover.

The programme of the meeting contained a good mixture of scientific and administrative issues including an uncouncious bias training led by Sue Hewitt, presentations of all EvoCELL sub-projects, and a final supervisory board meeting dealing with the overall project outline, upcoming events etc.

Special thanks to Marzia Sidri and Ina Arnone for organizing the meeting, the local venue and the fantastic dinners – eating Mediterranean haute cuisine while sitting on the Coricella waterfront wrapped in blankets against the cold was a unique experience.